Aqueous Photoresist Strippers

DAETEC offers several photoresist strippers and general cleaners. Photoresist strippers are targeted to remove the photoresist and other residual material leftover after the cleaning process. Every DaeClean product is carefully formulated to provide robust performance while maintaining sufficient metal safety for the substrate.


  • Fast PR Removal Times
  • Extended Bathlife
  • Non-DMSO containing, non-odorous
  • Low VOC


  • Semiconductor (3DIC, MEMs, Various Bumping Technologies)
  • Display

Process Flow

A comparison of performance between solvent and aqueous-based photo resist strippers is shown below. The figures show (1) the mechanisms by which photoresist is removed from the substrate and (2) actual images of cleaning performance.

DaeClean 210

Ready to Use Aqueous Alkali Detergent, Designed for Negative Tone Photoresist Removal in Semiconductor Manufacturing.

DaeClean 250

Ready to Use Aqueous Alkali Detergent, Designed for Positive Tone Photoresist Removal in Display Manufacturing.