Temporary Adhesives for Thinned Microelectronics, Semiconductor and FPD

DAETEC offers Temporary Adhesives for Microelectronic Manufacturing Processes. Each product is carefully formulated to provide low outgas, high thermal resistance, tunable adhesion and can be removed easily using the appropriate DaeClean product.


  • High Thermal Resistance
  • Low Outgas
  • Tunable Adhesion


  • Wafer Level and Chip Level Packaging (3DIC, MEMs, Various Bumping Technologies)
  • Display
  • LED
  • OLED

Temporary bonding adhesives are used in manufacturing to hold two substrates together during a specific process and later must be separated and cleaned. Thin substrates are much too fragile to be handled by normal tooling and as such are temporarily bonded onto rigid supports, commonly referred to a carriers.

The adhesives are commonly formulated to exhibit properties that withstand the rigors of the manufacturing process such as thermal and chemical exposure, while allowing simple separation and cleaning when finished.

DaeCoat 315

Specialty Adhesive for Low Temperature OLED Processing.
Allows Cured Castable Polyimide Substrates to Peel From Glass.
Two-Part System Provides Control Over Adhesion and Peel Force of Polyimide.

DaeCoat 355

Temporary or Permanent Bonding Agent for Display and Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes.
Bonds Substrates at Low Temperatures; Exhibits High Thermal and Chemical Resistance.

DaeCoat 615

Protective Coating and Temporary Bonding Agent for Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes.
Exhibits High Acid Resistance and Stable at Process Temperatures up to 200C.