DAETEC recognizes the problems of investigating new products and tooling in a manufacturing environment. We are able to model a manufacturing line and investigate a wide range of interests in a manner that meets statistical design needs. If your process involves a coating or its removal, residue and particle cleans, corrosion protection, or a wide array of other related activities, take a look at some of our accomplishments.

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Temporary Adhesives

DAETEC offers Temporary Adhesives for Microelectronic Manufacturing Processes. Each product is carefully formulated to provide low outgas, high thermal resistance, tunable adhesion and can be removed

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Washable Protective Coatings

DAETEC offers Water-Soluble Hard Coatings for Laser and Handling Processes in Display and Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes. Each product is carefully formulated to provide fast curing, good therm

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Aqueous Strippers

DAETEC offers several photoresist strippers and general cleaners. Photoresist strippers are targeted to remove the photoresist and other residual material leftover after the cleaning process. Every

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High Performance Polymer Removers

DAETEC offers several solvent-based cleaners. Every DaeClean product is carefully formulated to provide robust performance while maintaining sufficient metal safety for the substrate.

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