Process Engineering and Product Development for Diverse Marketsm

DAETEC’s core expertise lies in optimizing the manufacturing processes in the Electronics industry. We support several markets, including Semiconductor, Data Storage, Flat Panel Display, Nano and Mems Technology. With our core of knowledge, we also support the Aerospace, Biotech, and Industrial markets.

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Electronic manufacturing processes involve a controlled combination of materials and tooling to achieve high reliability in the final product. This market is highly competitive and thrives on new developments.

DAETEC’s designs are new and novel. Benefits include a simplified process, improved yields, and lower cost. We have introduced many developments with IP protection to capture market share for our clients.


Aerospace manufacturing processes use exotic metals, coatings, and polymers that exhibit wide environmental and chemical resistance. Common aviation polymers are full-cure systems such as polysulfides, silicones, and urethanes. Using DAETEC’s developments, cured polymers may be safely and easily removed, allowing applications to occur that were once considered impossible.


The quality and purity in Biotech manufacturing operations depends upon the cleanliness of the equipment and how free it is from biological contamination. Cleaning fermentation vessels may involve processes lasting for hours or days and sometimes hazardous exposure to workers.

DAETEC has developed processes and products that easily remove tenacious residues. These applications exhibit a simple coat and rinse process that produces a pristine and biologically inert substrate.


Manufacturing operations in the industrial sector are mature and well known. These operations involve large-scale tooling and high volume material usage. Final products are measured in metric tons and are classified as commodities in worldwide commerce. There is constant pressure to reduce costs.

DAETEC’s focus in manufacturing delivers improved quality, reduced waste, and replaces toxics with safe materials that exhibit higher yields.

DAETEC’s materials and process designs meet the objectives of the most stringent and cost-conscious manufacturing needs.
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