Our Creative Team

Like most teams, we have individual skills that when brought together, achieve a synergistic collective goal. However, we differ in our unrelenting persistance. We rest only when we complete our solution. You'll begin to appreciciate this by reviewing the following snapshots. Connect with us on LinkedIn! Click individual photo's below.

John Moore

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done” ~Nelson Mandela

DAETEC, LLC is Mr. Moore’s 3rd company, his prior two were sold to investment and fortune 500 firms. Over the past 30 years, John has been developing new products and solving next generation challenges in microelectronic manufacturing. His team designs materials for leading edge markets such as thin substrate handling and cleaning. Moving forward, Mr. Moore intends to support customers by merging his team’s know-how in both materials and equipment to provide simple processes with the best yield and cost of ownership in the marketplace.

Jared Pettit

“I do whatever I want and take full responsibility for my actions, I do this because this is who I am” ~The Warriors Golden Rule

Leading a vision-driven engineering team is not for everyone. Driving others to dig-deep starts from within that leader. Mr. Pettit is Daetec’s technology director, a man who is unabashedly enthusiastic about searching for life’s solutions. A conversation with him may begin with a random electronics application but often ends up in a tangential discussion about futuristic microbial operated circuits or other disruptive practices. Jared gives you options for your project with the detail and depth of a TED series. His drive to perfection is fed by a rocket-fuel curiosity with the support of a memory of data that seems photographic. Similar to his practice in martial arts, Mr. Pettit’s creative direction works harmoniously with the pressures of commercialization.

Alex Brewer

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure” ~Bill Cosby

Without question, our engineering applications would never grow to maturity if it were not for the influence of Mr. Brewer. Like a recital at Carnegie Hall, he orchestrates his team to usher products from a lab setting to engagement with the customer. It is through Alex’s efforts that we achieve excellence in our products. Alex’s cleaning experience pushes each application towards improved safety and low cost of ownership, and has single-handedly qualified aqueous cleaning products into semiconductor, display, and solar businesses. Wrestling with a cleaning Challenge? Let Mr. Brewer give you direction like the score to good music.

Alman Law

“No one is born as a great chef or chemist, they learn by doing multiple experiments” ~Alman Law

Upon completing her chemistry degree, Ms. Law joined Daetec and has been combining her engineering talents with her multi-lingual abilities to support our products throughout Asia. In particular, she promotes some of the newest practices in flexible display manufacturing. It was Daetec’s spring-board project in South Korea several years ago that catapulted Alman into designing solutions for next generation thin substrate handling processes. Her vision is change; how we think, our behavior, and ultimately, how we act. A testimony of how Ms. Law can elicit change is with her accomplished skills in culinary arts where she transcends us to exotic places by massaging our senses.