DAETEC is about supporting a process and with this, we match material products with equipment. As such, equipment must be integrated to help harness the properties available to achieve the goals of the process. Whether you are bonding wafers, peeling a thin substrate from a temporary adhesive, or performing a highly selective photoresist cleans, it’s all about the equipment. Our equipment design engineers have been working with our materials for years and have learned how to optimize performance between the two.

The laboratories at DAETEC integrate chemists and mechanical engineers. We design fixtures, tooling, and equipment to collect data that sets boundaries for our new products. For example, our bonders and cleaning equipment use thermal sources based upon the clean and rapid response power of inductive energy as opposed to radiative or convective. You’ll find many of these novel designs in the equipment produced by DAETEC .

You’ve likely read about the collaborative work that Daetec, LLC and DAETEC has done for many global companies. To this end, you’ll see equipment grow as we introduce more products. We believe customers need not only simple products that increase throughput and reduce costs, but also the equipment that facilitates these plans.

With any coatings application that involves a certain type of polymer or adhesive, a corresponding cleaner exists to bring your part or substrate back to its original residue-free state. Cleaning is a critical step in any substrate processing application ranging from photoresist removal to adhesive breakdown for de-bonding.

At DAETEC, we have developed many methods and tools for executing cleaning steps, depending on the specific application. At the center of tools and equipment for cleaning is a multi-function wet bench for cleaning a wide variety of substrates. Our highly skilled Applications Engineers can take your cleaning process to the next step in elevated temperature aqueous baths or ultrasonic vibration tanks to ensure your cleaning needs are met.

The process of creating a mechanically effective wafer bonder is no easy task. There are many design parameters that must be taken into consideration to ensure the precise execution of multi-step bonding. The Design Engineers at DAETEC have examined all the requirements in a bonding process and channeled them into an impressive tool that handles any bonding application. This unique and novel approach for bonding at DAETEC provides higher throughput and lower development & manufacturing costs altogether.

Our wafer bonder is a multi-functional tool that is thermally operated by induction heating, which entails a more rapid and clean heating method versus traditional conduction or radiation. To ensure a secure bond with various types of adhesives, user-specified pressure is evenly applied to the wafer stack. Vacuum is also applied within the bonding chamber to drive particles out of the system and create a vacuum tight bond line. Using this innovative bonding technique, coupled with adhesives from the Daebond product line, your company’s bonding process will be streamlined!

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