Jared Pettit


“I do whatever I want and take full responsibility for my actions, I do this because this is who I am” ~The Warriors Golden Rule

Leading a vision-driven engineering team is not for everyone. Driving others to dig-deep starts from within that leader. Mr. Pettit is Daetec’s technology director, a man who is unabashedly enthusiastic about searching for life’s solutions. A conversation with him may begin with a random electronics application but often ends up in a tangential discussion about futuristic microbial operated circuits or other disruptive practices. Jared gives you options for your project with the detail and depth of a TED series. His drive to perfection is fed by a rocket-fuel curiosity with the support of a memory of data that seems photographic. Similar to his practice in martial arts, Mr. Pettit’s creative direction works harmoniously with the pressures of commercialization.